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Ocean Znanja is a non-governmental organization of young people for young people. The concept is to work as a platform for personal and professional development of young people.

The activities of the NGO can be divided into two levels. First one is the international level, consisting of being partners on Erasmus+ projects and sending volunteers and young people to youth exchanges and training courses, as well as evs. In the 3 years of existence Ocean Znanja was a partner on more than 100 projects sending almost 400 young people and young professionals abroad to different projects helping them with travel arrangements (if necessary), teaching them how to write motivational letters and preparing them for presenting their country ( Croatia) during the projects. The second one is the local level. On the local level Ocean Znanja is focused on giving young people the place and opportunity to practice the soft skills and to show the knowledge they obtained on international Erasmus+ projects. Also we are promoting active citizenship and European citizenship by organising bimonthly meetings where volunteers share their knowledge with other young people in the form of non-formal workshops.

As a result of these work 3 interesting local projects have been developed and are ongoing in Zagreb.
1. Pamela (Poetry And Music Equals Legendary Art) - a poetry evening for young unestablished artist who lack space or the possibility to show their poetry. The unique part of this project is that there is a bend called The A! who are making a musical background for the poems on the spot. Thereby creating a completely new artform.
2. "Oceanova školica znanja" (Ocean's school of knowledge) where 3 volunteers are helping children with a lower socioeconomic status that are struggling in elementary school by learning with them and using non-formal educational methods to teach them good core values and showing them that learning can also be fun. This project is using a blend of formal and non-formal methods to teach children
3. "Zlatna metla" ( Golden broom) - a eco project that combines fun with usefulness. It's organised only in spring and autumn because it is a outside event. Young people in the morning are cleaning a dirty park, river, forest or land and afterwards can enjoy in a small geochatching event organised for them on the same place. After the geochatching there is a vegetarina barbeque and clean up. This project promotes a healthy lifestyle with fun activities that protect nature.


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  • Zrinka Suk
  • Natalia Večerić
  • Branimir Suk
  • Aleksandar Čičković
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