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PATH-Prevention, Addictions and Therapy project

Due to the KA3 activity Ocean of Knowledge was participating on The PATH - Prevention, Addictions and Therapy project. During the project we have preformed a series of activities in which we designed the booklet. Check out all about the given topic on the link that follows:

KETHEA Erasmus+ EN

Intercultural Manners - Approved project

Dear All, We are announcing a new international project approved by the EU Mobility Agency and Programs. The project was named "Intercultural Bonton" - Intercultural Manners Ocean Knowledge will organize it in Đurđevac from 27.10.-05.11.2017.

The aim of this project is to encourage young people to debate the topics of intercultural relations within the migration crisis. Furthermore, to show ways to update themes among their peers in their local community. Also to show ways to approach problems and phenomena related to intercultural relations. Through the various broader and concrete thematic workshops on intercultural relations (such as the issue of women and children among refugees, the link between media sensationalism and political populism, good and bad practices of refugee relations), the further aim is to introduce participants with possible ways of positive action in their social Contexts and wider.

Some of the main methods to be used are the theater of the oppressed in the form of theater forums. We are also planning educational workshops and discussions leading to peer learning, the Human library method.