Establishing Peace for Intercultural Community – EPIC

Dialogue and participation, mediation and peacebuilding approaches are an essential part of promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. Establishing Peace for Intercultural Community – EPIC is an EVS project that was conducted in Tbilisi and Zudgidi in Georgia from June 22nd until August 18th 2018. It brought ten Croatian participants that were given an opportunity to work in an international environment on promoting ideas and values such as practicipation in the intercultural dialogue, peace and tolerance through various activities. The activities were based on their own unique talents and they created and initiated possible events such as art exhibitions, sports tournaments, concerts etc. for the community of Tbilisi and Zugdidi. The main aim of the project is to become more culturally aware and to get young people familiar with different cultural expressions by working on a certain set
of skills necessary to lead an intercultural dialogue which was achieved through thoughtful objectives:
– To give young people an opportunity and create space to exchange ideas with young
people from different cultural backgrounds
– To give young people a possibility to form their own opinions based on values such as tolerance and open-mindedness
– To spark in young people the idea to become more active part of their local community – To encourage young people to act innovatively through peace upon stereotyping and discrimination
– To set a fruitful environment for young people to use their personal talents to build a more accepting society
– To give young people an opportunity to spread their contact net and meet people from all around Europe/world
– To reduce the possibility of social exclusion of young people through acquiring knowledge and skills.
Activities of the EPIC EVS project combine: reaching the project objectives, volunteer’s talents and skills, as well as needs of the hosting organization and needs of participants. While researching about local community and cooperating with local experts, volunteers experienced the best way to learn and self-develop, and by creating their outcomes, they implicated the key competences through non-formal learning. The partner organizations that are carrying this EVS project- Ocean Znanja u Republici >Hrvatsoj and Youth Association Droni cooperated intensively by creating intercultural network within which they nurtured dialog, tolerance and knowing intercultural manners. Interaction between international volunteers had a huge effect on the sharing ideas and learning process as individually for volunteers, as well for the both partner
organization and their communities.