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What is ocean of knowledge?

A Youth Platform for Youth

Ocean Znanja is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that functions as a platform for young people. The aim of the platform is to help young people reach their full potential, to learn and grow, to develop their personal and professional skills and to be active participants in creating a society they want to live in and not just stay passive observers or onlookers. We give them the space and the possibility to try doing things not connected with their education and we encourage them working on their soft skills.

Our target groups are divided in 2 segments. Firstly young people from 16-25. We propose different activities for this age group including volunteering, mobility and non-formal educational workshops. The other age group includes teachers and youth educators which we send to different training courses and encourage them to also use non-formal methods when teaching children and young people and we give them a wide range of methods that can help them in regular class. This age group is mainly from 25 – 40 as we have discovered that this age group is still open for new methods and competencies.


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Who is ocean znanja?

“What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean.” ― Isaac Newton


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Words of our community

Wonderful organization ran by inspiring individuals who give young people the chance to discover new cultural content, to exchange ideas and to become a better version of themselves   for everyone who is willing to learn more in an interesting and stimulating environmment! 

Sonja Lazić

Great projects, great organization and even better people. Join OZ and enjoy traveling and gaining great new experience! 



Sandra Stilinović

A group of brave, hilarious, warm and inteligent young people making a change. Love this NGO. Haven’t seen any like this one, hope all their goals are achieved. And hope l will always manage to be part of it.


Ita Mer


It is All Greek On Me

25/08/2018 @ 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Do you want to learn more about Greek language? Do you want to learn greek dances? Do you want to play greek…

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All the latest news about our featuring activities

YE ”A Recipe For Youth Success”

We made a lot of progress. The biggest achievements would be not to be afraid of new opportunities. Take them and see where they lead you. It will show you…

TC ”Youthwork With Antibias Approach”

Three participants from Croatia participated in the Erasmus+ training course named “Youth Work With Antibias Approach” from 2nd to 8th July 2018. in Diemeringen, France. The project involved partners from…


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