Philosophy Café

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Date(s) - 25/10/2018
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Vlaška 31


WHAT? Philosophy Café is a gathering where we explore and try to understand our own minds. On every Philosophy Café we will talk about a different term/concept/word, for example ‘inspiration’ or ‘fear’.
There are no wrong or right answers. The goal is to boarden your personal horizon through listening to other peoples perceptions and hear their way of thinking.

WHO CAN JOIN? If you are a thinker, of if you are just curious about others way of thinking than join the Philosophy Café.

25th of October: “Self-love”
22th of November: to be announced
20th of December: to be announced

WHERE SHOULD I COME?: To Vlaška 31, the building is on the corner so the entrance is from Branjugova 2. Ring the bell that says: Ocean Znanja & Svjetski Savez Mladih.
Enter, go right, climb up to the first floor and find the doors with Ocean Znanja sign.

WHY JOIN? During Philosophy Café you actually might find answers to wonders and questions that have been poking your brain while enjoyig a cup of tea or coffee and cookies while exploring our minds.

It is completely FREE to join! See you soon!


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