Youth Rhythm


Youth Rhythm is a 12 month long project that takes place in Zagreb from June 2018 until June 2019 with 1 Dutch volunteer.

Young people of the digital age are faced with many opportunities and youth programs, and yet only few are fully aware of those opportunities and know to use them. In our moderately long experience of working with youth, we became aware of rarely direct distribution of this information to the target groups, as well as lack of courage to make a decision to do a volunteering work or gain experience in youth mobility programs. Aim of the Youth Rhythm project is to build various activities and events for the youth community in Zagreb, to reduce the possibility of youth social exclusion. This will be
achieved by providing for them a place where they can spend their free time learning about them selves, developing their skills and informing them about the opportunities within youth mobility, promoting healthy lifestyle, as well as raising the quality of their lives in all aspects. To achieve this, we decided to host an EVS volunteer to provide us with constant activities based on her talents and skills, as well as offering her to transparently participate in the organizational tasks, with a given
space for her own creative time and learning process. Main objectives of activities for this project are:
– to raise awareness within the youth about their opportunities in life such as youth mobility and volunteering work
– to provoke motivation within the young people to be more actively participate in
their local community
– to create intercultural working environment and provide the neccessary skills
to the volunteer needed to work and live in an intercultural setting
– to motivate young population of Zagreb to be involved in social dialogue through different activities offered by our organization, some of the designed by the EVS volunteer
– to promote healthy life style in urban areas
– to create multilingual workshops and intercultural learning within local volunteers and local community for the better integration of all of the parts involved in this project.
The project will have an impact on a personal level for the volunteer and everybody personally involved in her project and activities, on a national and international levels promoting mobility and voluntarism. The dissemination of the project results will be done in new and personalized ways mainly on different social media and web platforms which has the aim to reach the wider population as possible, both on national and international levels and intrigue young people to find out more about European Voluntary Service and Erasmus + program.