Training courses TC "Guerilla Youthwork" Germany Report
05.08.-15.08.2017. TC "Competencies for Basic Youth Work" Lithuania Please wait 
06.09.-14.09.2017. TC "Leadership through project method" Czech Republic Please wait 
14.10.-22.10.2017. TC "Inclusion+EVS" Latvia Please wait 
Youth Exchange
01.02.-10.02.2017. YE "Let's Do It Together" Norway Please wait
20.02.-27.02.2017. YE "Active Participation For Democracy" France Please wait
14.04.-24.04.2017. YE "Make Music Not War" Germany Report
06.05.-14.05.2017. YE "Up And Out" Cyprus Please wait
27.06-06.07.2017. YE "Let's do it outside 1" Germany Please wait 
04.07.-13.07.2017. YE "Cultural Diversity our Richness" Turkey Read more 
28.07-06.08.2017. YE "Diversity in my backyard" UK Please wait 
01.08.-10.08.2017. YE "Let's do it outside 2" Norway Please wait 
19.08.-28.08.2017. YE "Employment 4 Youth" Poland Report 
26.08-03.09.2017. YE "Offline-Onlife" Slovakia Please wait 
06.09.-14.09.2017. YE "Mission Vision" United Kingdom Please wait
04.10.-15.10.2017 YE "United in Diversity" Germany Please wait 
Training Courses
05.02.-12.02.2016.TC "Don't Exclude, Let's Include" Turkey Report
07.03.-14.03.2016.TC "Not Only In Facebook" Spain Please wait
08.07.-17.07.2016.TC "Real Intercultural Learning" Lithuania Please wait
16.08.-23.08.2016.TC "Anti-Bias Approach In Daily Life" Belgium Please wait
18.08.-27.08.2016. TC "Grow Your NGO" Romania Please wait
24.10.-29.10.2016.TC "Anti-Bias Approach In Daily Life - part 2" Belgium Please wait
Youth Exchange
02.01.-12.01.2016. YE "Successful Youth" Lithuania Report
27.02.-04.03.2016. YE "Basic Approach For Disabled Students" Turkey Please wait
04.04.-15.04.2016. YE "Wake Up - Take Action" FYR Macedonia Report
11.04.-18.04.2016. YE "Visible Bridge" Sweden Please wait
22.07.-31.07.2016. YE "Democracy For All" Belgium Please wait
02.08.-12.08.2016. YE "Me.You.The World." Germany Please wait
13.08.-21.08.2016. YE "Winning At What Price" England Report
22.08.-31.08.2016. YE "Survival" Portugal Please wait
13.10.-21.10.2016. YE "Push 4 Peace" Cyprus Please wait
18.11.-26.11.2016. YE "Include Me" Cyprus Please wait
Partnership-Building Activity
29.10.-06.11.2016. PBA "Youth Employment And Entrepreneurship" Romania Please wait
Training Courses
05.03.-13.03.2015.TC "Train the Trainers - It's up to me 2" Germany Please wait
07.03.-15.03.2015.TC "Facilitate The Progress" Greece Report
22.03.-28.03.2015.TC "Visual Learning Tools in Youth Work" Poland Please wait
15.04.-20.04.2015.TC "EVS Starter Kit" Spain Please wait
21.04.-29.04.2015.TC "Youth Worker Development" Cyprus Please wait
04.05.-10.05.2015.TC "EU no Borders" Italy Please wait
08.05.-15.05.2015.TC "Improving Non Formal and Inclusive Competences"Portugal Please wait
10.06.-17.06.2015.TC "Create Equal Opportunities in Cultural Diversity" Turkey Please wait
13.06.-21.06.2015.TC "Better Citizens, Better Entrepreneurs" Italy Please wait
14.07.-21.07.2015.TC "A World without Discrimination: Dealing with Power Relations in Daily Life" Turkey Report
03.08.-11.08.2015.TC "Communication for NGO's" Sweedem Report
08.08.-15.08.2015.TC "World at our home"Poland Report
18.09.-27.09.2015.TC "Citizenship and new media"Turkey Please wait
01.12.-07.12.2015.TC "Be Part Of The Solution - conflict resolution project"Germany Please wait
Youth Exchanges
10.01.-16.01.2015.YE "Music Unites Us All" Poland Report
11.01.-19.01.2015.YE "Sport - Insanely Addictive Idea for Life" Poland Please wait
23.01.-31.01.2015.YE "Let's stop the move" Turkey Report
16.02.-25.02.2015.YE "Art for Peace" Turkey Please wait
22.02.-28.02.2015.YE "Music Unites Us All - 2nd part" Poland Report
24.02.-03.03.2015.YE"Planet 1st"Poland Report
01.03.-10.03.2015. YE "Practising Peace with Music"Turkey Report
15.03.-22.03.2015.YE "Team Work Experience" Italy Report
01.04.-09.04.2015.YE "Close Up!" Portugal Please wait
21.04.-27.04.2015.YE "My Social Life" Spain Please wait
21.04.-28.04.2015.YE "Planet 1st - 2nd part" Poland Please wait
05.05.-13.05.2015.YE "Kid does not want to work" Turkey Please wait
02.06.-10.06.2015.YE "All You Need is Sport" Turkey Report
24.07.-31.07.2015.YE "Inclusive Art" Portugal Report
02.08.-09.08.2015.YE "Eastern Cultures For Overcoming Barriers" Poland Report
14.10.-22.10.2015.YE "Multiple Perspectives" Estonia Please wait
06.11.-15.11.2015.YE "My Passion, My Profession" Slovenia Please wait
12.12.-19.12.2015.YE "Eastern Cultures For Overcoming Barriers - vol.2" Poland Report
Training Courses
10.10.-17.10.2014.TC"Language Is an Issue or NOT"Turkey Please wait
09.11.-16.11.2014.TC "Let’s Raise the Bar"Germany Please wait
Youth Exchanges
15.03.-22.03.2014. YE"START-UP for Young Social Entrepreneur"Turkey Please wait
29.04.-05.05.2014.YE"Get Young!"Turkey Please wait
12.08.-22.08.2014.YE"Sport for Inclusion"Romania Please wait
13.10.-19.10.2014.YE"Sport4Life"Poland Please wait
13.10.-24.10.2014.YE"Participation for Inclusion"Romania Report
01.11.-08.11.2014.YE"Let's Folk"Turkey Please wait
03.11.-11.11.2014.YE"Youth employment and youth entrepreneurship - START UPBulgaria Please wait
14.12.-20.12.2014.YE"Sport4Life - 2nd part"Poland Please wait