RESPECT is a 10 day youth exchange that will gather 42 young people from 7 different European countries: Spain, Romania, Greece, Germany, Poland Italy and Croatia.
Main goal: Stimulate intercultural understanding and practicing of intercultural dialogue among youth
Specific goals:
1. Learning about cultural differences and different approaches towards valuation of culture through cooking and eating habit
2. Stimulating and practicing intercultural dialogue
3. Unity of youth through exploring differences and similarities
4. Practice understanding of intercultural relations
5. Giving space to youth for dialogue with youth from different cultural environment
6. Informing about possibilities of non-formal learning through Erasmus+ program
7. Creating space for sharing ideas, opinions and way of thinking among youth
Youth exchange RESPECT will gather 42 youth between 18-30 years old from 7 different countries in Europe: Romania, Poland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany and Croatia. Every partner organization will send 6 participants, 5 youth and one group leader. In total, 42 participant will be on youth exchange, 21 of them youth with fewer opportunities (youth with geographical, economical or/and social obstacles) and all partners will ensure that gender balance on the exchange.
RESPECT will be youth exchange that will be held from December 07th till December 16th of 2018 in Fužine, 40km away from Rijeka. 42 youth from 7 different countries will learn about intercultural understanding and acceptance through different aspects of culture and tradition, with focus on food. In the youth exchange, 35 youth and 7 group leaders will learn from each other and share their ideas, knowledge, experience and talents. Participants will experience different games and simulations and during the eight day of the exchange they will prepare and organize global village in Fužine, where they will introduce their country, culture and food, but also learn about Fužine and connect with local community.
We will use non-formal methods during the exchange, in order to make exchange more dynamic and to make sure that participants will learn, but also have fun. Different methods and approaches are important in order to make learning experience for participants more comprehensive, because people don’t learn in a same way, therefore changing technique is necessary for inclusion of all participants. Focus is on using creative approaches in order keep motivation of participants on a high level and for participants to increase knowledge and skills they will gain during the exchange.
Some of the methods used are: teamwork (in smaller and larger teams), discussions (in group and pair), learning by doing, activity for increasing group dynamics (team building, integration, trust building games), learning diary, group reflections, discussion after workshops in order to increase learning, intercultural learning games, outdoor games, presentations about research made before exchange, simulations, presenting culture and tradition through food and interactive activities, brainstorming and energizers.
The participants will develop a set of European values such as respect, and accepting diversity, developing a new respect for other cultures and people. They will become more aware of their surrounding and make new friends from other countries. The expect impact on the partner organizations will the increase in youth mobility opportunities and stronger partnership on the European level.


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