Eco bag 4 lemons

Last week throughout our Talent Fair event I learned how to sew my little Drawstring Bag. Together with the host of this workshop – Lucija, we called this baggy “for 2 lemons”. You can see this cuttie creature from the photo. But it’s really simple and with this post I just want to encourage you to prepare smth with your beautiful hands during #quarantinetime.

Besides, it is really easy beginner sewing project. It doesn’t take too long, 40 min let’s say. And what’s more – you get something useful while learning from yourself.


Supplies:1/3 yd of fabric, twill tape, cotton cording – 1 yard

1. Cut your fabric into 2 pieces that measure 10 inches ×13 inches
2. Lay your 2 pieces on top of each other, right sides together and stitch 3 sides
3. Stitch into place around top opening
4. Stitch bottom edge to form casing
5. Cut ties into 2 long pieces. Thread one through one casing , go across the gap and back through the other casing using a safety pin and tie ends together. You should have 2 handles, and when you pull both of them, the bag will close.
6. Now pat yourself on the back and find something to carry in your bag…
2 lemons??

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