Edited. I cease to belong to myself.

Welcome to my new mind! Please fasten your seatbelts and keep your arms and legs in at all times. Don’t feed the animals, drink the water or talk to the voices. Enjoy the ride.

Firstly, about the mind. It started to become new after my first participation in the training course organized by both Ukrainian and Croatian sides. Without reminding about my true first love to these countries, It’s a twice pleasure to be involved. And now, when 1,5 week passed I’m still really obsessed by a fairytale we all spent searching for new cross-cultural experiences and grounds towards intercultural sharing.

Training Course Resilience-Motivation-Values-Emotions lasted 8 activity days in Lipik City, Croatia. The main objectives of the training were:

  • To empower youth workers by promoting self-awareness and self-appreciation
  • To equip youth workers with the practical tools how to effectively work with youth through developing resilience and proper reacting in situations of crisis or burnouts
  • To increase participants’ competences in implementing learning achievements within their youth NGOs

Through these perspectives our TC RE-MO-V-E brought over 30 young leaders from Georgia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Italy and Croatia together, thereby creating a unique space for constructive intercultural dialogue in which our diversities, cultural backgrounds and historical narratives fostered our bonds and new friendly connections that will last a lifetime. In doing so, throughout our workshop days in small groups we formulated identity molecule, step-by-step stages in discipline and planning, self awerenes competencies, crisis management system, jointly explored noble Lipik, including:

Thermal baths

Horse riding farm

Visits to the place of the Ukrainian national memory – monument to Ivan Franko

Modernized old gallery and park

Secret Friend gift ideas activity

Meditation lessons

Intercultural evenings, where participants from 8 countries were representing there cultures.

We also talked a lot about internal fears and expectations, professional burnouts on life examples, personal challenges, personal motivation, comfort zone VS strange zone, about youthpass as a tool for self-evaluation, Erasmus program opportunities.

The end of the every next day resulted in daily reflections and final evaluation. In the respect to all of these life-learning things, I can’t fail to recall the closing ceremony and our farewall party in the historical point of Old Lipik. When remember I feel myself speechless. To me It was at first like this party in my life. Also first in my life I was running the video introduction episodes, where we tried to come closer to the audience to review and discuss the major categories of this course. And, because of this fact I’m really thankful to my digital team. I had a pleasure to belong to you and thanks for understanding and support, and patience too.

So! Now, I’m as never changed. I truly feel my dear personal #Remove is in progress. Super excited and happy for possibility to be a part of my Ocean Znanja’s team and life-changing experience from this little journey that left mental provision for me for the hardest days to come and drives now to do my best in practical learning.

The project “YOU are the EU” is funded by the Agency for Mobility and EU programmes withing the program European Solidarity Corps.

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