Imagination can open any door – turn the key and let your dance style walk right in

This post I prepared towards the youth exchange I had a pleasure to be a part of. A part of our beautiful digital team. But besides this, there were moments when I couldn’t stop myself in trying new dance elements from folk dance heritage. The name of the project’s “Let’s Dance Together” organized in Fužine in Croatia which included young people from 7 different countries: Germany, Spain, North Macedonia, Lithuania, Greece, Italy and Croatia. While working to promote intercultural understanding through dialogue in a form of open space, practice of different dance styles, capoeira workshop and through culinary experience, I had an opportunity in using dancing also, as a tool for connecting with, researching and better understanding of other cultures.

With the aims of this project I learnt a lot about cultural diversity, different approaches to the value of culture through traditional dances. It helps us to unite young people through research and learning about our differences and similarities in movements. Amazed by the peaceful atmosphere and environment, the mountain view and the beauty of the Bajer lake, it was a pleasant first impression for sure.

The project started with an intensive first day, where the introduction of the project and the participants took place.The sessions were concentrated on getting to know each other and building trust which was essential to cooperate during the next days. We were discussing and sharing our opinions about expectations, contributions, challenges for the best outcome towards the aim of the project. At the end of all the days, we always gathered in smaller national groups managed by group leaders and reflected with individual experiences and skills about the day. Purpose of the project was to conclude all dance styles we experienced in a final performance and represent the message behind Erasmus+ “Let’s dance together “.

The final performance was a show in the local community building of Fuzine. With every single thing we did, activities, team building, national group meetings – we became closer as a group, more united, more connected, more conscious of being a team. Creativity was a constant flow building our days leading up to the final performance that lightened up the souls of the participants with enthusiasm, confidence, and the passion for a good result.

This whole project encouraged me to have a creative approach to use body movements, healthy lifestyle as a powerful tool for social interactions, cooperation and acceptance. I feel very grateful to have had this chance to be involved and gain beautiful memories and self-development skills.

The project “YOU are the EU” is funded by the Agency for Mobility and EU programmes withing the program European Solidarity Corps.

you are the eu