Interview about solidarity

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so you can appreciate them when they’re right. And, sometimes, good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Today I want to talk about a new cohort of people I had a pleasure to meet during last week within my project – “You are the EU”. But now about interview as a process of work that united us in some way and taught how to be focused on one point. So, first you have to be aware of your idea when filming, it could be strange, but know, who you are, how to represent, and what to say before starting, how to react on an unusual turns, also how to come up to those who don’t even want you to appear…  how to be a good interviewer stays to be a question.:) Plus to this, while asking people on the main locations of Zagreb it was better and more confident to me not going alone, but sticking together with one of our youngest short-term volunteer – Rocco.

He comes from Italy. Together we questioned people from Croatia, Brazil, USA, Germany, Spain.

Naturally, everyone knows that solidarity is a kind of concept that address us all. But, we also got an absolutely different versions of solidarity that in the result shows what people really think, for some it is important not to be a target, but a safe harbor for those who hate. Others talked about how to represent diversity, kindness, compassion. Another – how to be a home for those who share our values, refuge for those who needs it. Hope, the results from this surveys and videos will be useful for a framework for our approach on European level and to guide the European Solidarity Corps program in the field of youth in the next years.

But as well, this process taught us how not to be afraid of new people in our surroundings, to do first steps into conversation, stand out from the crowd.While asking we also got caught in the rain’s magnetic flux…it gives even more understanding to the idea of project. As a result, this process of interviewing made me realize that I craved a different kind of energy from a different kind of peoples’ world. So, after all happened, I’d like to spread kindness, joy, love, generosity, caring, and happiness as much as possible in hopes that it will spread to others…and there will be more positivity.

Now, I just want to ask…

Please, make one random act of kindness. It could be anything little…buying coffee for the next person in line behind you as a surprise (I did this), giving someone a hug, a smile, a wave hello, give someone a nice genuine compliment, writing an inspirational note and tucking it under a windshield wiper, a loving note to a loved one hidden in their pocket, or a note to a neighbor in their mailbox complimenting them, being polite a little more of opening doors for someone, or if at the grocery store if you have a big order and someone behind you has a small order…let them go ahead of you, making a small donation, giving a single flower to a stranger or loved one, give a book for a child, and so much more!

All good little acts of kindness. Some free, and some with minimal money. Get creative, have fun with it, and spread some kindness around the world!

And WA-LA!!!

We have a Kindness Party with many members living in different countries around the world on our Ocean pages. I’ve been doing this for the last week, and the response was overwhelming. You don’t have to share it with me how you spread your kindness, although I’d love to hear the little ways you did! Thank you to those who participate in making our next working weeks even more special, inspiring filled with breaths of “everyday solidarity”.

The project “YOU are the EU” is funded by the Agency for Mobility and EU programmes withing the program European Solidarity Corps.

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