Keep up the pace in the digital age – report and brochure

„Keep up the pace in the digital age“ was Erasmus+ training course that gathered 35 people from 8 different countries: Spain, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Lithuania, Slovenia, North Macedonia and Croatia. It happened from 1st until 8th of November 2021. in Fužine. The aim of this training is to provide an opportunity for people working with youth to develop and improve their digital skills in order to improve the quality of work with young people within their organizations. This brochure aims to raise awareness about the importance of digital competences in youth work and it offers info and practical advice that can help youth workers to become more digital. The booklet is a result of a training course “Keep up the pace in the digital age” which was organized by “Ocean Znanja u Republici Hrvatskoj” from Croatia. All topics from this brochure were covered during the training course in Croatia and the brochure is the result of gathered knowledge and resources between three trainers and all participants in the training course. We encourage you to read it, use it and share it with your colleagues and everyone else who could benefit from it. We truly hope that the information and advice from this brochure will help you increase the quality of your work and the work of your organisation. „Keep up the pace in the digital” had 1 activity organized by Ocean of Knowledge with 7 partners, and was funded by the Agency for Mobility and EU programs through the Erasmus + program of the European Commission. Organisations participating on this project:  Ocean Znanja u RH (Croatia)Youth Association DRONI (Georgia)Associacio Cultura Creativa (Spain)MilleniuM Training and Development Institute (Moldova)Active Youth Stella (Ukraine)Kulturno-umetniško društvo Ljud (Slovenia)Asociacija Tavo Europa (Lithuania)Youth Empowerment Association (North Macedonia)