Let the magic begin

The Christmas holidays are fast coming. And I love this time of the year. Everyone is happy, joyful, and spreading around a good energy, a lot of love. There’s something magical about wintertime. The days start to get a little shorter and a lot colder, all I need is a little shift in perspective to see the beauty of winter again and again. I know myself, if I want to remember why I loved this season, firstly, I collected the words of Anton Chekhov, Lewis Carroll or Victor Hugo, among others, they certainly remind me that kindness is like snow and it beautifies everything it covers, and when snow falls – universe listens.

This year Zagreb becomes a second magical place for me, especially, during the Christmas Advent turning in a truly wonderland, and it’s actually a point why I decided to write about it. The best European Christmas Market after being voted no.1 by travelers. But this year Advent in Zagreb is even bigger and better. While I was walking around the city center I felt how it comes to new life with the lovely sounds of jingle bells and Christmas classics played all over the city. This magical atmosphere around, small ‘forest’ on the main square where all covered in snow brings the real winter magic towards my heart and inspired me to prepare my handmade winter angel, that reminds me those days from my childhood, when I hoped and prayed to wake up to a snow day… 

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