PATH – Evaluation

Greece, Athens, 26.05-30.05. 2017

PATH project that took place in Athens providing us with four days workshops and association with members from other teams. After all, I am certain that I know my role in this project and what are my contributions.  Working in team was the best way to make a good results. It was a quiet an experience work in such diverse team. Members were from each organization, and with different background and experience. In theory this was a perfect idea, but for some reason my team wasn’t so into it.

Not all of the members were demotivated, but it would be easier if each one of us contributed equally. After some thinking, I realized the main problem we had was that each day more than half of our team was changed.  There was a lot of new arrivals and most of the time we had to explain what we were doing the previous day.  I talked a lot with colleagues from my organization, despite the fact that they had the same issue, they worked very good.

In the end we did everything we had to. We made a list of problems, collected the data, and suggested solutions to some of our problems. I could say I was very satisfied with our results. And maybe we wouldn’t’t  had such results, if we didn’t change so many members. They gave us their knowledge and experience.

For me the most interesting part of this five-day project was visiting the Kethea rehabilitation center. Till then all I knew was someone’s story, and things I read about on the internet. Now I had opportunity to actually see it. Also I would like to thank to all participants that were wiling to tell us their stories and problems they had.  I think I can say now that I am richer for not one ,but more than dozen experiences.

Volunteers: Darko Petanjak, Domagoj Babić, Dorja Kožić i Zrinka Suk