Souls don’t have names or perfect images, but energy signals and true shades

There is a special place in my heart for the one occasion faced me last week. As now remember, it is started on Monday, I was really hungry for something new to fill me, to fill the void that lives deep within my chest.

And once I met our professionally cool Mirko who works at Ocean Znanja within our friendly team, I got except actually great expert in social media, all needful outfit for professional shooting. So from that time the only thing that looks appetizing for my eyes is he, our master of proper photos – Cannon EOS 700 D.

Of course, I felt too much at that time. Like all the universe ahead of your observation and little Elizabeta who used to live for little things, for 5am sunrises, 5pm sunsets, for road trips with music in your ears and wind in your hair and realizing that world is not cold harsh place but constantly going into rhythm and move … I started not to see beauty but felt it.

I was looking for special details, moments, signatures to take beautiful pictures …Whether it was a peck goodbye or long date …I tried to seize the moment of smth incredibly personal , smth that even can be more intimate then posing with the views earlier programmed by your brain. It’s more about nature and glance what you’re observing at.

I miss those people’s eyes and the way they smiled pretending they did not see camera. It was spiritual and now I have been collecting each new one pic as if adding a beautiful collection of the story of my life.

And it’s changed my world also, ruined me in the most beautiful way, the interpretation of illusion and reality…

With this post I wanted to remind that everything is here for us now. The rhythm of the city, the nostalgic journey, the excited encounters, tables for two, and more) the joy for living and the moments you will remember!

P.s. in the end, I also wanted to say there is nothing stronger the girl, who has rebuilt herself in different way.) Just tried Smth new from one usual monday morning that lasting till now…

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