TC Keep up the Pace in the Digital Age

Social media became most influential media of the 21st century. The social media platforms are the most important communication tools used by all actors in the society (business community, civil society organizations, political parties etc.). Youth workers are not an exception. With this project we want to encourage people – especially youth workers – to improve their digital competences and share gained knowledge with the youth they are working with. By using European Digital Frame work DigComp we will equip youth workers with knowledge and skills that will improve their digital competences and help them improve digital competences of the youth they work with.

ERASMUS+ TRAINING COURSE “KEEP UP THE PACE IN THE DIGITAL AGE” AGE? 18+ WHERE? Croatia, City Fužine WHO? 35 Youth workers/Educators/Teachers WHAT? Erasmus+ Training Course WHEN? 21tst of September – 28thof September2020 COUNTRIES & GROUP SIZE: Georgia (4), Spain (3),North Macedonia (3), Lithuania (4), Moldova (4),Ukraine (4), Belarus (5) and Croatia (6)