TC “World at Our Home”

August 8th – August 15th 2015, Poland

The training took place in Nowy Gieraltow, Lower Silesia in Poland from 8th until 15th of August 2015. It was organized by Sempre Avanti, a Polish youth association that has been working with young people locally, regionally, internationally and globally. Two main topics of the course were: human rights and methods and tools of non-formal education. There were 18 participants. Aside the three of us from Croatia there were participants from Italy, Romania, Turkey and volunteers of Sempre Avanti from Spain, Poland and Ukraine. We had a schedule every day that was divided into morning, afternoon and evening activities.

During the first day of education we got to know each other, shared some of our hopes and fears regarding training and had a walk in the area. During the walk we had a task to talk with other participants about the situation in their countries and their neighboring countries. We shared our experience during the discussion that was organized during the walk.

For the next few days we developed knowledge about human rights with emphasis on children’s rights. We became aware of the problems that refugees have to face and got the global picture about the world economy. Learning how other people learn was also part of the training (Kolb’scycle); as well as naming different kind of participants.