Top Of Potentials – project results

Take a look at the exhibition ‘’Why do I volunteer’’ a follow up activity of the European Solidarity Crops volunteering team project ‘’Top of Potentials’’ that gathered 12 young people (Marta Konrad, Rugy Azizova, Sergio Urizarna Saiz, Nika Bunziak, Llúcia Palmer, Darcielle Costa, Marina Hadjikyriacou, Pauleta Rainha, Dimitros Rakovitis) this summer in Omanovac Croatia.

? The volunteers gained an unforgettable experience in an international environment

? helped the local community

? organized a festival and

♥️ developed their skills and sense of solidarity. This exhibition is done to raise awareness about volunteering and the opportunities provided by the European Solidarity Corps program and to show their experience of volunteering The ESC sending organizations are from Greece – Hellenic Youth Participation, Portugal – Psientífica, Germany – NaturKultur e.V., Spain – EUROACCION MURCIA, Italy – Moby Dick ETS, Poland – IDEA LAB FOUNDATION, Malta – Prisms Malta.

The volunteers created digital content to ensure the target group would come to the activities on the festival:

As one of the final results they also created a brochure where they are explaining how to get involved in the local community through volunteering and how to create activities for the local community taking into consideration the needs of the specific local community or target group you want to impact with your activity.

Here you can check out the brochure.

The project Top Of Potentials was a group volunteering project coordinated by Ocean Znanja and funded by the Agency of mobility and EU programes through the European Solidarity Corps program.