When you let the music move your body

Belly dancing has always fascinated me, and as soon as our Belly class started at Ocean Znanja I decided to dip into this expressive dance style. You can believe, its language conveys a wide range of moods, including mysterious, romantic, spiritual and meditative, as well. It suggests raw emotions through movement. It’s artistic, expressive, passionate, elegant and graceful. Experiencing belly dance I saw beauty, softness, and seduction expressing through my body language. Even more, how much we don’t know about ourselves, but this type of dance really helps, creating hypnotising dimension and depth, and takes you on an enchanting journey. My first impression from the class was that the participants were amazingly friendly and encouraging.

I am not usually accustomed to such excitement at the start. But once the class began, it was impossible to not want to shake and wiggle with gusto. An enthusiasm spread like contagion.  Oksana would be able to make you shimmy even at the beginning and enjoy doing it.

Moves were explained then the music began. Like a marionette being worked by unseen hands, I jigged into life and found it remarkably easy to follow music and its entourage.

It is less difficult than performing a grape vine in reality following to a modern fast beat. But somehow, you won’t even notice, your natural reaction is just to shake those hips, or shoulders. Half an hour later, I felt like a new woman. The following day I felt taller, leaner, more poised and elegant. Dare I say it? I felt more feminine and sexy. It appeared I had caught the belly dancing bug and want to share it with you. Spectacular opportunity to develop the fact of your femininity and body balance.

The project “YOU are the EU” is funded by the Agency for Mobility and EU programmes withing the program European Solidarity Corps.

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