Ocean of Knowledge is a non-profit non-governmental organization that functions as a platform for young people. The aim of the platform is to help young people reach their full potential, learn and grow, develop their personal and professional skills and be active participants in creating the society in which they want to live.

Our offer includes outdoor and out of school education as well as opportunities for local and international volunteering. We provide a space and opportunity for the young people to perfect their skills outside the education system and spend their free time in a useful and creative atmosphere.

Vision: to build and maintain a community that is empowered and inspired by the exchange of ideas and helps one to reach its full potential.
Mission: we are a youth platform for young people, a space where young people can find inspiration and make a positive change in society.

Target group:

  • young people between the ages of 16 and 30. We offer them various activities that include volunteering, youth mobility and non-formal education workshops.
  • youth educators, teachers, mentors, professors and others to whom we offer different international training courses that encourage the use and combination of non-formal education methods in the training of young people.

Our goals:

  • creating opportunities for social and intercultural exchange and networking of Croatian youth with young people from the European Union and beyond
  • Implementation of educational and cultural programs for youth
  • promoting non-formal education, volunteering and social activism

Ocean Znanja u Republici Hrvatskoj, Adresa sjedišta: 7 Ravnice br.16, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska OIB: 42468224821, Račun (IBAN): HR1024020061100690955, Upisana u Registar neprofitnih organizacija 19.3.2014., RNO broj: 0267284, Matični broj: 04180208