World of illusions

We read books, and highlight the lines, that speak to us, we look in the mirrow, trying to find exact perfect version of us, we listen to music that touch us, we turn to poetry and learn the lines that become us; we are all hopelessly inept people, struggling in vain to coherently express ourselves.
What do you think about how your brain works and your perception in this fascinating and unique world of illusions where nothing is what it appears to be…and when you look at optical illusions, what do you think?
You may think that you are seeing things like moving objects that are standing still, curved lines that are actually straight or images that are slowly disappearing…
You also may think that your eyes are playing tricks on you but your perception of an illusion has more to do with how your brain works and less to do with the optics of your eye. But to be more clear, the best would be to dig into this world of illusions directly. And, with over 70 exhibits, the Museum of Illusions is a right place to help in this curious task. My compulsory advices include:
Try the chair of illusion
Step into the anti-gravity room
Find the end of the bottomless pit
Get lost in the room full of mirrors
And of course,
Don’t lose a chance to go for a walk on the ceiling
Its pure magic like a new kind of good meal, I just want to inhale it and share a bite with all of you…Dancing, moving, creating sculptures that is visible only for a moment. Its like a look book, style guide or visual reference for looks that have an inspirational or influentional visual effects taken from different kind of glases. Its visually stunning and smth totally different from usual you. Sincerely, advice you all to visit this world of illusion and explore new turns of your personality where you can express your styles and tastes.
The project “YOU are the EU” is funded by the Agency for Mobility and EU programmes withing the program European Solidarity Corps.
you are the eu