YE “Music Unites Us All”

10.01.2015.-16.01.2015., Poronin, Poland

This journey had a great effect on me. I’ve learned so much about other people and myself through interesting games, discussions, group tasks and workshops. We were making and listening to music together, we even made our own song!

I learned that music really unites us no matter where are you from. In this fast world, sometimes we just need a pause, the only thing you need to do is just to close your eyes and listen (there is much more around us than we think). I am sure this experience made me a more quality person. Now I feel more open minded and confident when I speak English because it’s a bit different to you use it in real life, but so much better from usual formal ways of studying.

Also, we visited Tatra mountains – one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Breathtaking views are so inspiring even if you’re not a nature lover. I learned about other counties that were on project and their culture as well. I met people from Turkey, Lithuania, Greece, Poland, Belarus, Romania and Slovakia. The very last day when we were sitting in a circle finishing our workshop, we discussed about the project. There was no one who was unhappy or thought that this was a waste of their time. In that moment I really felt like I belonged there, like those people are my friends.

That’s what I want for everyone who is ready to take a chance when life gives it to You. I returned home with much more than I expected, feeling full from delicious polish food but even more from new friendships, new knowledge and skills, new experiences that I’m always going to remember and wider horizons. There is nothing you can lose by participating in a project like this one, but so much to gain. I’m looking forward to some new projects – some new adventures!

Lucija Maradin