Youth Express Up!

The project was created in belief that importance of emotional expression in
life is underrated. We believe that providing the knowledge and techniques for
young people can help them to stabilize their emotional condition, learn to
understand their and others’ feelings and therefore to improve their social

1) To increase knowledge about introspection, emotions and ways of expression
2) To improve skills in introspection (for understanding own feelings), expressing
emotions, communication and creative emotional expression
3) To change attitude for more active and involved in taking care about process
of introspection and expressing feelings

Countries: 6 countries(Spain, Romania, Turkey, Poland and Croatia)

Place: Herencia, Spain – the land of Don Quijote!

Age of participants: 18-30 (group leaders 18+)

Venue: A group house

Time: 20th of August – 29th of August 2019.