Razmjena mladih – Let’s Dance Together

“Let’s Dance Together” is going to be a youth exchange organized in Fužine, Croatia which will include 35 young people and 7 group leaders from 7
different countries: Germany, Spain, North Macedonia, Lithuania, Greece,
Italy and Croatia.”

Specific goals of the project:
1. Creating a space for exchanging ideas, standpoints and opinions with young people from different cultures
2. Learning about cultural diversity and different approaches to the value of culture through tradition and dance
3. Starting and practicing an intercultural dialogue and understanding intercultural relations
4. Uniting young people through research and learning about our differences and similarities
5. Providing opportunities and supporting young people in acquiring the skills of writing and organizing Erasmus+ projects
6. Creating space for a dialogue for young people with young people from different cultures

Opće info:

TKO:  svi mladi od 18-30 god.

GDJE: Fužine, Hrvatska

KADA:  12.10. – 21.10.2019.

TEMA: Međukulturno razumijevanje